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Your Number One Fear as a 40+ High Achiever isn't Just Declining Health and Performance. 

It's the Terrifying Thought of Life Just Passing You By.

It's the Missed Moments, the Memories Not Made, the Adventures Not Embarked Upon.

But Without a Comprehensive Training Plan That Maximizes Healthspan That's Exactly What Will Happen...

You Risk Burning Out Leaving Your Potential Unfulfilled

You Risk Wasting Time On Ineffective Workouts And Diets

You Fear That Your Best Days Are Behind You

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"I was no longer the guy standing in the back of the room"

I saw dramatic improvement, losing over 50 lbs and getting more fit than I had been in years.

- Dale S.

"I always thought personal coaches were for other people"

Josh's ability to modify and improvise my training made sure I was always getting the best training possible.

- Geoff S.

"They made me feel more than confident in the gym"

They helped e tone and strengthen my body so I can feel my best.

- Tiffany S.

"They transformed my perspective on working out"

Their understanding of the importance of finding joy in the process made all the difference.

- Ken R.

"What truly Josh apart was his ability to motivate and push me beyond my limits"

Working with Josh has been an absolute game-changer, and I cannot emphasize enough how much his expertise and dedication have transformed my performance on the field.

- Jake T.

"They helped me stay motivated!"

I love that they never lost sight of my vision and goals and that they were always accessible.

- Shanice L.

frequently asked questions

The High-Performance Coaching program stands out in several key areas:

Specialized for the 40+ High Achiever:

We understand that as you age, your body and mind have unique requirements. Our program is tailored to address these nuances, ensuring that those in their 40s and beyond receive targeted guidance to reach their peak performance.

Holistic Approach:

Beyond just building physical strength and endurance, our program delves deep into cultivating the mindset, discipline, and health habits of a pro athlete. We're not just about the aesthetics; we're about creating lasting, holistic changes.

Personalized Training:

One size doesn't fit all, especially in fitness. Our coaching is adapted to each individual's current fitness level, goals, and any limitations they might have. Every aspect, from workout regimens to recovery techniques, is customized for you.

Expert Guidance:

Our team consists of professionals who not only have years of experience in the fitness industry but also continually update their knowledge to incorporate the latest scientific research and techniques. They bring both expertise and passion to every session.

Integrated Support:

Throughout the program, clients have access to resources, tools, and direct support to address questions, get feedback, or modify their approach. This comprehensive support ensures you're never left in the dark and always have expert assistance at your fingertips.

Focus on Long-Term Results:

While many programs might give you a quick boost, our primary goal is to ensure long-term, sustainable results. We achieve this by emphasizing the importance of incorporating fitness seamlessly into your daily life, making it a part of your routine rather than a temporary endeavor.


In essence, our High-Performance Coaching program isn't just another online training routine; it's a transformative journey designed to elevate every aspect of your athletic potential, regardless of age.

As individuals transition into their 40s and beyond, there's a profound shift in priorities, goals, and physical realities. It's not just about the aesthetics or breaking personal records; it's about embracing a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. This is precisely why our program is specifically designed for those aged 40 and above. Here's why:

Depth of Understanding:

People over 40 have a deeper comprehension of life's complexities and are often looking to align their physical health with broader life goals. They get it. They understand the significance of this phase as it's often seen as some of the most crucial years of one's life.

Holistic Health Over Aesthetics:

In the earlier years, the emphasis might lean heavily towards aesthetics – getting that beach body or fitting into certain clothing sizes. However, post-40, while aesthetics still matter, there's a growing realization of the importance of overall health. This includes mental clarity, emotional well-being, flexibility, joint health, and the prevention of age-related ailments.

The Reality of Aging:

After 40, our bodies naturally undergo various physiological changes, from metabolism shifts to decreased bone density. Our program recognizes these changes and adapts fitness regimes to not only combat these challenges but to harness them, redefining what "prime" truly means.

Lifestyle Integration:

The responsibilities that often come with age, be it family, career, or community roles, require a fitness program that seamlessly integrates into one's lifestyle. We ensure that our strategies are sustainable, efficient, and compatible with the busy lives that those in their 40s and above often lead.

The Mental Game:

As we mature, we start to appreciate the mental components of fitness just as much as the physical. Our program places a significant emphasis on cultivating a pro athlete's discipline and mindset, aligning physical achievements with mental fortitude.

In essence, while youth might be driven by appearance and short-term goals, those over 40 often seek depth, sustainability, and holistic health. Our High-Performance Coaching program taps into this evolved mindset, providing an avenue not just for physical excellence but for overall life enhancement.

While having access to a well-equipped gym can be beneficial, it is by no means a requirement to be successful in our High-Performance Coaching program. We firmly believe that it's the principles, discipline, and mindset that are foundational, not necessarily the tools.

For many of our clients, the best results often come from training setups where they have a range of equipment available. This allows for a more diverse set of exercises and can often accelerate progress. However, we also have numerous success stories from individuals who have limited gear or even just their body weight.

Our coaches are adept at tailoring programs to fit what you have on hand. If you're working out from home with minimal equipment, we'll design a program that maximizes the potential of what you've got. On the other hand, if you have access to a full gym, we can incorporate a wider variety of exercises to challenge and develop every facet of your fitness.

In essence, while equipment can enhance the experience, it's the commitment to the principles of training, the dedication to each session, and the high-achiever mindset that truly drives results. With our coaching, it's not about the tools you have, but how you use them in pursuit of your athletic goals.

Yes, there is a 12-week minimum commitment period for our High-Performance Coaching Program. We believe this duration is essential for participants to fully immerse themselves in the program and witness tangible results. After the initial 12 weeks, if you choose to continue with the coaching, it transitions into a rolling contract. Should you decide to conclude your journey with us beyond the initial commitment, we simply require a 14-day notice for cancellation. This ensures a seamless experience for both you and our coaching team.

Age is just a number; let's redefine what your "prime" looks like.

life is better as an everyday athlete